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Bagged Wool

”Bagged Wool” ~ $4 per pound
(Price effective February 1, 2018)

 New Zealand Moth-Proofed & Scoured Rug Wool

This is “PE” Yarn (“Production Excess” Yarn)

This beautiful yarn has been gently “slid off the cone”
and has a center pull or outside thread.

Note:  Shades may vary from shipment to shipment even if the names are the same.
Also, there may be an occasional odd color mixed in that was missed during sorting.

ORDER INFO:  Bagged Wool + Bag# & Pounds

*Same dye lot; bagged separately
“Shades” means there is a slight shade difference from bag to bag.

2/60 SIZE ~ approx. 960 ypp & 16 wpi

Sold Out

Sold Out

Pale Tan Shades
Bag 19=7.8 lbs

Pale Tan Shades
Bag 22=11.8 lbs

Sold Out

Light Tan Shades
Bag 24A=8.6 lbs*
Bag 24B=7.4 lbs*

Tan Shades
Bag 25C=7.5 lbs

Sand Shades
Bag 29=9.0 lbs

Medium Pebble
Bag 31A=11.4 lbs*
Bag 31B=10.9 lbs*

Medium Pebble
Bag 33A=11.0 lbs*
Bag 33B=11.6 lbs*

Sold Out

Sold Out

Sold Out

Sold Out

Sold Out

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