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Bagged Wool

”Bagged Wool” ~ $3 per pound
 New Zealand Moth-Proofed Rug Wool
This is “PE” Yarn (“Production Excess” Yarn)

(This beautiful yarn has been gently "slid off the cone" and
has a center pull or outside thread.)

Approx. 960 ypp & 16 wpi
Note:  Shades may vary from shipment to shipment even if
the names are the same.

ORDER INFO:  Bagged Wool + Bag# & Pounds

“Shades” means there is a slight shade difference from bag to bag.

2/60 SIZE ~ approx. 960 ypp & 16 wpi
(other sizes at bottom)


Sold Out

Sold Out


Other Sizes of “Bagged Wool”





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