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Used Equipment

Used Equipment
For Sale or Wanted

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8 Harness, 10 Treadle (4 Now/4Later) Baby Wolf Loom

26" Weaving Width ~ Stroller/Wheels ~ All inserted-eye Heddles

Loom in Very Good Condition

This loom is a 1987 model and does not have the removable back beam
as shown in the photo below of the current model of Baby Wolf.
Go to the Schacht website to read more about this loom.

Price Reduced:  $1,600.00 (formerly $1,750.00)
(over $2400 if bought new...loom, wheels, inserted eye heddles)

(owned by Phyllis Narus; 423.284.8209; can be seen at R&M Yarns)

  Baby Wolf Loom



Nilus LeClerc 4H/6T Loom with Bench

36" Weaving Width
Lots of Heddles; 2 Reeds
Bench lid lifts for storage



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