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250 ypp

Left:8/4 Bleached White Cotton Warp; Natural Linen Weft; "Point Twill" Pattern
Right:  8/4 Black Cotton Warp; Natural Linen Weft; 2/2 Advancing Twill Pattern


$15 LB.
(compare at $30+ per lb)
100% Natural, Undyed Linen
250 ypp ~ 10 wraps/inch
Cone Weight:  3.5 to 4 lbs
(no wind offs; sold by full cone only)

Order:  Natural 250 Linen

Bulk Discounts offered:
25-50 lbs. = $12 lb.
51-100 lbs. = $10 lb.
100 lbs.+ = $8 lb.

Note:  This is a very tightly spun yarn and tends to "kink" or "twist back on itself" when unrolled from the cylinder.  It may be better suited as a "weft" yarn.  I ran it through a wet sponge when rolling onto a bobbin and it helped with the "kinking" issue.  I also ran a rod through the center of the cylinder and unrolled it that way--horizontally...Phyllis

$15 lb.
(compare at $24+ per lb)
11/2 Cottolin
45% Cotton/55% Linen-Flax
36-40 wpi ~ 4620 ypp
Cone Weight:  2 lbs.
(no wind offs; sold by full cone only)

Order:  11/2 Cottolin
Photo of Overshot table runner is warped with
11/2 cottolin and 5/2 mercerized cotton for pattern.




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